FoodsTurkish.com, established in late 2019, is a website that aims to share Turkish culture with people all over the world. The reason we call culture is that the kitchen is an inseparable part of the culture.  To understand the cuisine of a nation, it is necessary to consider its culture in its entirety. We invite our visitors to get to know this magnificent culture by explaining the Turkish cuisine in the best way.

FoodsTurkish has set up a large table for its appetite team, for writers who enjoy sharing their art with others, and for their guests. There are enough chairs at this table for everyone. Here are not only those who want to feed themselves, but those who pursue pleasure. As writers, we wanted to share our hobby with you. For a start, you can read this post: Introduction & Turkish Cuisine 101

Of course, each of you knows at least one Turkish food and even tried it. Maybe your answer is no, but this is impossible, the only problem is you don’t know that it is a Turkish meal. Our meals are delicious, but we are not very good at promoting them so maybe that’s why it isn’t as famous as Italian or Chinese cuisine. It is a pitiful fact that doner kebab is called as a German food. Also, many of our common food patents were taken by the Greeks.

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Good day, bon appetit!