Introduction & Turkish Cuisine 101

New to Turkish cuisine? Come on in!
Landscape of Istanbul
Landscape of Istanbul

Hello everyone! Welcome to my new blog. This post is going to be kind of introduction, though most of you probably will not read it 😊. As you can realize from the name of the website, I am planning to share my best Turkish food recipes with you. Besides the need for nutrition, cooking is my hobby, I try new recipes and try to learn more about the kitchen. I have always liked to make things with ingredients, so that’s a part of my life.

Who am I?

My name is Özcan and I’m from Turkey. It is no coincidence that I make a website about Turkish cuisine. The purpose of starting that way is to improve my English and cooking skills. I hope my mistakes in English are not going to be a big problem for you. I will also be open to your notices for correction. Even though the website content will not be updated daily, I will do my best to keep it alive. If you would like to have more information about me, you can see my author profile. For now, I will be the only editor here but maybe in the future, more people will join.

Culture and Food

Turkey is located at the intersection of many countries and cultures. As a result, Turkish cuisine has traces from many cuisines such as Balkan, Russian, Persian, Greek and Arab. The history of the Turkish race is based on central Asia. Although the Central Asian culture has been forgotten over time and has been under Arab and European influence; it still has traces of the ancients. With the cultural interaction after states like the Ottoman Empire, it became an even richer kitchen. There are many things to be written about the Turkish people, culture and cuisine but I can tell about it in further blogs.

What’s waiting for us?

As for the recipes, you don’t have to worry about it. I will explain them step by step, by making it as easy as possible for everyone to understand. In the first stage, perhaps some content may be without pictures, but I’m sure the explanations will be enough. Then, when I apply the recipes myself and have the necessary equipment, I can add photos and then some videos. Some ingredients in the recipe can be hard to find in countries other than Turkey. If necessary, I will find alternatives or try to give a recipe for that product. Local products may be different in recipes, I will use their global names to easily obtain these products. Or I will replace them with the most similar product.

Anyone interested in Turkish cuisine or not, I hope you will have a good time on my page. You can learn many new things from here, and of course there are things I can learn through your comments. Take care, see you in the recipes!

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